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Changsha TENCAN Participated in PM China 2016 Exhibition

Čas: 2016-05-06 Počet zobrazení: 43

April 29,the 9th Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy & Cemented Carbides & Advanced Ceramics Exhibition which was held in Shanghai China Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center came to a successful close. We, Changsha Tianchuang Powder Technology Co., Ltd participated in the exhibition.

PM Shanghai exhibition is one of the largest and most famous carbide & ceramics material exhibitions in China. Some of our products such as transparent glove box (acrylic glove box), super mini planetary ball mill for glove box use, lab roll ball mill and touch screen planetary ball mill were displayed in the exhibition, which had attracted many visiting people from domestic and overseas. They gathered at the booth for watching, consulting or discussing and asked lots of questions about lab sample grinding, mixing and dispersing that they encountered in their daily experiment.

Shanghai PM exhibition is a fruitful journey where we got more attention and focuses as well as lots of advice and expectations from end clients and dealers during the exhibition. We are sure that the exhibition will help us to develop and update more advanced lab powder technology and solutions for lab sample preparation in future.




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